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latest changes: 06.12.1999
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Turingmachine 01.02.1999
StarFlight 09.02.1999
SiD 16.02.1998
TermBaum 06.12.1999
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If anybody has improvements or wants to criticize on bugs, feel free to send an e-mail to bug (a)


The programs on this site can be used FOR FREE according to the license they are provided with. Therefore I can NOT afford to take ANY warrenty for whatever they happen to do to your computer.

  1. You'll get what you've payed for
  2. It's free ...


TermBaum (JAVA 1.1) is a library for Tree representations of formulas. It originated from a programming project in an assignment at my home university.
Some Features:

The JAR-file comes with a handy little commandline based calculator that shows some of the features of the library.

The code is still a bit q'n'd, since it was one of my first JAVA-Projects about one year ago, but I sort of worked on it a bit, so now it's almost readable enough ;)

License: LPGL2

06.12.99 some more code clean up, SIN/COS added (calculation is quite inaccurate, uses "double" conversion !), FIX for very serious Bug within the operand list structure that was introduced during first code clean up
29.11.99 major code clean up, symbol '^' for power function added, some minor speed-ups
27.11.99 first public release.

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Turingmachine MTT.TM

MTT.TM (Java 2) is a Turingmachine and, yes, I know, just one more of them. It's multithreaded, nondeterministic and can be used as a recognizing TM.
It's programming model uses different sorts of Turing tables providing incomplete tables and enabling the head to write and move in one single step. This allows the TM programs to become shorter.
It also allows the usage of macros.
Maybe it whould be easier to say what it's not able to do, but I didn't find anything yet ;)
Anyway, so far this should only be interesting or programmers who want to use a TM, as it doesn't have any user interface (yet).

Documentation (javadoc) and Sourcecode are provided.

License: GNU-GPL

31.01.99 'cleanroom' in three nights.

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StarFlight (Java 1.1) is a Java-Applet simulating the well-known star flight, where stars are passing the window of a spaceship. A text can be displayed inside the window.
The Applet - to be viewed here - can be conigured in the following way:

<applet archive="StarFlight11.jar" code="StarFlight.StarFlight" width=300 height=50>
<param name="stars" value="200"> <!-- number of stars -->
<param name="sleep" value="40"> <!-- frame delay (msec.) -->
<param name="text" value="Hallo !"> <!-- text to be printed -->
<param name="textsize" value="18"> <!-- size of the text -->
<param name="textcolor" value="red"> <!-- text color (white, red, blue, black) -->

The sourcecode is provided under the GNU-GPL.
23.01.98 my first Java-Applet...
10.02.98 changed some details, fighting different browser versions, types etc.
09.02.99 mouse support added ;)

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SiD - symbolic differentiation

SiD (Win32) is a Programm that differentiates and simplifies mathematical terms.

The operators supported are: + , - , * , / , ^ , ln , ( , ) , sin , cos , tan

The program should be quite complete (That I hope).
But if anyone happens to find a term that isn't differentiated correctly or should be simplified more heavily, feel free to send an e-mail to bug (a)
Note: This hasn't happened for quite some time ...

Late '97 some time between christmas and the new year I happened to have a lot of time...
10.01.98 Now the check for term correctness works, i.e. SiD doesn't crash any more if you type in a single "*" ...
16.02.98 Bug-Fix related to fractions

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